coral + black + white

i like it.

the shorts were another rogan temptation. :/


she's crafty, she gets around

she's crafty, she's always down.

if you can sing the rest we'll be bff's. :D

anyhow, thanks to the wealth of creative linkage at myloveforyou, i have fallen in love with the animal-tastic glassware of tracy bull. tracy's shop, happy owl glassworks, is full of super cute [but not that "so cutesy you throw up in your mouth a little" craft fair bullshit IF you know what i mean] pendants, buttons, dishes, and more.

think my college roomate would think i was insane if i brought this nightlight to school, just cuz i think it's cute? hmm.

you can buy tracy's work from her website or her etsy page, where everything is relatively cheap. which means you can hook me up with some sweet graduation presents, right?


the cannes and the canne-nots




seriously, angelina and lindsay should have lent/borrowed some fabric to/from each other. lindsay's is a shirt and angelina's is... i'm not sure, some sort of drapery? anyhow they should both fire their stylists.

natalie and devon on the other hand: stunning!

i wish i could do a post on the fashion travesty that was my high school senior prom [i didn't go, but the aftermath has been duly facebooked.] all i can say is: disney princess, animal kingdom, figure skaters gone wild. use your imagination, then multiply that image by 10 times the tacky. :D


yay target, nay jumpsuits

wearing two of my new purchases. sadly rogan's line for target is actually GOOD so i was forced to drop 100 bucks at freaking TARGET. haha. i am super happy with the dress + vest combo because it is so damn comfy. perfect for summer. also bought the leopard print shorts from the collection. good stuff, def check it out if you haven't yet.

side rant: jumpsuits - what the fuck. seriously? i mean, how stupid are you gunna look if you are about to git summm and you have to awkwardly undo and step out of your ridiculous one piece? actually never mind because no one is going to get laid in a jumpsuit. fuck jumpsuits.

k hope everyone is having a lovely memorial day weekend. :)


inspiration board: chictopia

here's a smattering of some of my favorite chictopia pics. it's quickly becoming one of my go-to sites when browsing for inspiration. it's like style diary [remember?], but way cleaner and more navigable. i dig.

also, i've been listening to the new islands album, the arm, which they have kindly offered up in its entirety for my listening pleasure on their myspace page. it's pretty awesome - i especially love the opening track, "creeper." what can i say? it suits me. enjoy! :D


molly janeiro








slightly better than my tenth grade art projects

check out the chair project by students at the new york school of visual arts.
my faves:

racist chair

eurotrash chair

ambition chair

horny chair

kleptomaniac chair


ultimate girl crush: alexa chung

seriously, what's not to love. she's funny, smart, mind blowingly gorgeous, and always looks fly as helllllll. marry me, alexa?


this just in: news only fashion people could care about

according to fashion week daily, the rumors that nina garcia will be joining the staff at marie claire have proven true. the article states that the move will be official in september, when garcia will take the spot left by tracy taylor and resume the title of fashion director.

the color purple

another book to add to the coffee table wishlist - purple magazine will be releasing a fifteen year anthology on may 27th. you can preorder it now from amazon for $37.80. also, please feel free to send me a graduation present... the big day is in about two weeks. :)

consider yourself lurked: mark p of prmtve

almost everyone i know [or should i say, everyone in my "social network"] has made the great migration to facebook. however, i am one of the few that still checks up on myspace, because, let's face it - that's where the style's at. facebook is simple and perhaps better for business, but you can't jazz it up in the same way you can a myspace. also it makes lurking a bit more difficult. and i love to lurk.

about half of my "friends" on myspace are people i have never met. no, i'm not looking to expand my halo3/d&d network or to find my future husband, i'm just style-hunting. if i browse someone's site and it inspires me, i add 'em. and sometimes, these stylish kids actual do something cool, and then i can put it on here. ya dig? and so i present, mark p - young, good looking, forward thinking, and all around man of style.

mark is cofounder of yet another one of those groups of kids in L.A. where you're not sure what they actually do, but they look damned good doing it. mark and friends kyle p and kyle n [i'd like to suggest some beastie boys-esque nicknames for differentiation] collaborated to start PRMTVE. right now prmtve exists in the forms of a website/magazine and some stylish teenagers, but the group is currently working on a clothing line and other partnerships. i asked mark about the name "prmtve" and this was his response:

"primitive in the websters dictionary is the first stage of any existance and i wanted to take that meaning and form a group of selective individuals that will express the art of fashion in they're own interpretation, being the first of this unique style. i also made it into PRMTVE [pronounced primitive] and took out the I's since i believe in team work and as has been said, "there's no I in team" to sum things up, we're a group of stylish young nonpareil individuals that are pushing for individuality. and PRMTVE is a movement for the world to venture upon in to reach individuality."

check out mark and prmtve here.


not for those with low self esteem

i love these photos of the jealousy-inciting lisa from lisaplace. i definitely couldn't pull this off but she does it with ease. oh, to be cute and european...