clemence looks AMAZING in the new gap ads.


country living?

photography: alecia tuggle



i hate that i've been wanting to do selby post for a while now and just when i get it together i find that everyone already did a post on stupid erin's pictures. errrrrrg.

two more weeks til the big move. eeeeeeeeeeeeek.

chicago + depaul + FALL here i commmme. :)


stylish voyeurism

the site says it best: "theselby features photographs by todd selby. it is updated daily so check back for new shoots of people and their possesions in their environment." if you love peeking into cool photos of cool people's cool houses like i do, then you'll enjoy theselby. check back soon cuz alexander wang is going to be featured!!!

matthew eikelberger's home:

the nylon offices:

erin wasson's place:
[even though i'm pretty anti-wasson ever since the chain debacle fashionista uncovered... sigh...]


happy vestivus