tomboy chic?

more outfit catch up.
i love this tank from uo.


this dress from h&m used to be super long and have straps but i didn't like the way it looked so i cut them off and did some creative folding. it's kind of wild but i dig. :)

tres simple

inspired by rag & bone and prepsters everywhere

another reason to move to canada

notice the petit prince tattoo. agh perfectionnnn.

via whatever lola wants, a new favorite of mine, which is not exactly work/parent safe, but chock full of male models and sexy goodness. check it out. ;)

pants lust

i reeeally want a pair of slim paneled pants for this fall, to tuck into boots and whatnot. the first pair i saw on the facehunter a while ago. i think they're so unique. a little bit of equestrian mixed with balenciaga or something. me likes. the second pair are [is?! it's only one thing! someone help me out here.] from topshop, but they're already out of my size, and it's difficult to justify $20 in shipping on my budget. c'mon h&m, i'm counting on you.

inspiration addiction

chictopia user guiltyquilty

good lord how i wish i could pull those docs off. it has become a weekly habit to go through every single picture in the chictopia style gallery and compulsively add the ones i like to my "favorite photos." i have a serious problem. :/



oh phillip lim, my love for you grows ever stronger. that ditsy flower print. that perfectly casual sweater. the preppy nonchalance of those pants, that jacket. you make americana so cool.

this modern love

future cool + schoolgirl romance = thakoon's awesome resort collection.

80's peter pan joins the military?

jonathan saunders. crazy/cool.


young professionals

rag and bone: masters of slick irreverance. that second look up top is perfection, and why is it so hard for me to find a pair of shoes like this?

pretty lady

i've never before considered myself a cavalli girl, as i ususally picture some sort of heiress dripping in gold and leopard fur, donning something pink and short and sparkly, but damn. this resort collection is nothing like that and i really, really like it. girly in a good way.


the girl you want to be wears alexander wang.
it's as simple as that.


wtfffff mate

can someone please explain to me what the beautiful boys at proenza were thinking?
because i really don't understand...

i usually love anything they touch, but this... oy vey.