so on sunday i was officially freed from the bonds of that fascist machine known as high school. we had to wear a white dress and white shoes. in a move of utter brilliance i decided that graduation night was a good time to purchase and wear my first pair of heels. four inch heels, no less. [i mean yeah, i had previously worn some hideous sparkly kitten heels to a homecoming dance freshmen year, but i prefer not to talk about that.] so yeah i got these heels at old navy for about thirty bucks. they are actually super cute. and they actually made my feet feel like hell. so i took them off during the ceremony and slipped them back on just in time to walk across the stage. and no, i did not fall, thank you jesus.

again, horrible picture quality, i'm sorry i'm sorry but i'm more poor than sorry.

now i get to start PAYING to go to school, oh joy. at least there won't be any ridiculous dress code restrictions. no sleeveless shirts? how about "no hideous uggs and tacky juicy couture track suits?" now that's a rule i could get behind.

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Brit said...

I hate to disappoint you, but DePaul will utterly disappoint you in that aspect. We are the Ugg Headquarters. But believe me, there are some fab dressers, just gotta look for them (holla!).