lulu chang - not so ugly

she's cool, funny, well dressed, totally edumacated, has an awesome job and is the marketing force behind one of my absolute favorite fashion sites on the net. its true, i'm a total fangirl for lulu chang. take notes kids, and if you have yet to check out the browser's wet dream that is chictopia, do it now right after you read this interview!

1. what exactly is it that you do?! [career-wise, besides chictopia]
I am a freelance contemporary arts writer/ editor for a really awesome indie mag. But right now, Chictopia is my baby. Previous to this, I worked in fashion pr/ production in New York for various young labels.

2. when did you first become interested in fashion?
Tiffany's self-titled album when I was 5 years old. It made me want to dress like an 80s pop star. I've since decided to retire this look - but I do occasionally enjoy a nice body-con mini dress.

3. did you ever consider any non-fashion careers?
Technically, what I do now is not fashion - and I love it. I still help out my friends who work in fashion on and off because I just enjoy it. To be honest, I think I'm far too California-nized to ever do the NYC fashion thing again.

4. your style is so personal and unique, yet chictopia is basically a place to go to get inspired by others - do you think your style comes more from your natural aesthetic eye or from outside inspiration?
Mmm... a little of both? The great thing about Chictopia is that everyone is so damn chic. My outside inspiration are usually really pretty boys - Adam Ant and such.

5. where did you go to college and what for?
I went to UC Berkeley, I was an English and Political Science double major.

6. top three fav. items of clothing, besides your beloved jewelry? :D
Any of my Alexander Wang knits - buffalo plaid or oversized cashmere cardigan, Topshop bandage mini, and my beat up and worn to death Comme des Garcons combat boots.

7. top three fav. cities?
San Francisco, London, New York

8. top three bands or albums right now?
I've kind of fell out of following current bands. I went back to listening to what I listened to in college: Adam Ant, Kate Bush, Sugababes (god I love pop music... )

9. $1,000 bucks to blow on one item right now - what is it?
This Christopher Kane dress: http://www.style.com/slideshows/fashionshows/S2008RTW/CKANE/RUNWAY/00220m.jpg. All the zips and ruffles really turn me on. And I have these vintage Justin Roper boots that are similar to the ones on the runway minus the metal toe.

10. what are your biggest fashion pet peeves?
People who don't dress for their size - things that are too tight or don't button. And I really hate those striped shirts from Express that every man thinks is sexy time for ladies at the club.

11. is it weird being an internet superstar? [hah seriously!] do you get recognized on the street?
Am I? I'm kind of always used to homeless bums cursing at me on the street. So when people say they've seen me around it doesn't really phase me. Someone at Opening Ceremony, one of the most bad-ass stores in the Lower East Side recognized me. That was cool.

12. what advice would you give to fashion industry hopefuls for breaking in and being successful?
I started interning when I was 19 for a pretty large fashion/ design/ architecture mag that is now based in New York. Since then, it's been a series of friends/ colleagues in the industry and a mutual respect for the business that has lead me up 'til this point. Be observant, hard-working, and smart. Also, don't expect to make any money.

13. and finally, do you have any goals/new projects in mind for the future or are you content with just being the coolest girl on the internet? :D
Again, am I? My team at Chictopia and I are working really hard on the site. We want to take over the world - it's gross.


Fashion Is Poison said...

she is adorable! <3 her

warholchic2 said...

i LOVE lulu!!! i wish you had asked how tall she is though ahaha. i've been dying to know cus she seems so tiny next to rumi, but in her solo photos she's strangely tall and modelesque looking! as a petite gal, i'd love to know...HOW THE HELL DO YOU DO THAT?!?

lulu said...

Hi Warholchic

I'm 5'3" :)

warholchic2 said...

ooh yay! you answered my first question. thanks. now please answer my second...HOW THE HELL DO YOU DO THAT?!?! ahaha seriously. i'm 4'8 and i would love to know. =] maybe it's bc youre proportionally skinny as well...hmm. something to think about some more.

and btw, i loved your answer to number 10. i hate those striped shirts from express as well ahaha

lulu said...

oh haha. ive been told im pretty well proportioned. like mary kate. but a little fatter lol